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This year the Lighthouse is celebrating the 100th birthday of an historic landmark in Philadelphia—the Lighthouse Field. When the field was opened in June of 1914, the Lighthouse hoped the field would be a safe haven where children could develop the skills, discipline and maturity to succeed as adults.

We are engaged in a yearlong campaign to celebrate the successes of the past 100 years and to ensure the future success of the next 100.  We are calling this campaign “A Century of Champions” and it is a commitment on the part of the Lighthouse to ensure that the field is prepared to equip our children with the skills and resources they need to succeed as adults in the next century.

We ask you to consider joining the long line of champions that have come through the Lighthouse Field by becoming one of our 100 Champions in our “Century of Champions” campaign.  Won’t you help us equip our children to overcome the challenges they face and succeed as adults?

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