Century of Champions Campaign

A Century of Champions

We have begun a yearlong campaign to celebrate the successes of the past 100 years of the Lighthouse Field and to ensure the future success of the next 100.  Called “A Century of Champions” it is a commitment on the part of the Lighthouse to ensure that the field is prepared to help our children develop the skills and maturity to succeed as adults in the next century.

Today, as a result of safety concerns in our streets and the rise of play stations, we find that only those children who primarily identify themselves as athletes are committed to regular outdoor play.  This is then compounded by the fact that our community faces an abundance of cheap food that is filled with processed sugar and empty calories and limited access to affordable healthy food choices.  But while the challenge is grave, the solution is clear:  the two main antidotes to the epidemic of childhood obesity are healthier food choices and healthier activity levels. What our children need is the Lighthouse Field.

Through a network of concerned citizens, alumni and community partners the “Century of Champions” campaign will seek to recruit 100 Champions to donate to a capital campaign to raise the resources to ensure that the Lighthouse Field continues to provide all our children, athletes and non-athletes alike, with the skills and maturity they need to succeed as adults.

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